Thursday, June 7, 2018

Advantages of Big Data in E-Commerce Development Services

Big Data is everywhere. All the information you provided online, all the cookies stored in your browser and all the online banking applications that you have ever used, all collect and store tons of information about you. That’s why when you search for something online; you’ll find ads for the same product that follows you wherever you go. That’s why when the bank calls you; they know your name and personal details.

Big Data Applied in E-Commerce Development Services

  • Predictive analysis that permits you to optimize prices, inventory levels, verify the prices of your competition, predict the best items of the season, improve your customer service, increase customer satisfaction and your margins
  • Recommendations, announcements or offers in real time based on the advanced segmentation of the client and the purchase patterns, which influences the purchase decisions and the additional sale
  • Smarter shopping experience, smarter marketing and marketing
  • Get in touch with your customers E-Commerce Development Services and potential customers when they are ready to buy, in your preferred channel in the most appropriate location.
  • Big Data threatens to create a deep gap between have-data and have-no data. From the intuitions to the companies driven by the analysis.
  • Better practices

  • Take a holistic view of your business and define the objectives you want to achieve: observe, learn but do not copy the techniques WordPress Development Services and strategies of the competition because your objectives are exclusive to your business and what worked for others that does not work for you.
  • Identify the problems you are trying to solve
  • Start Small: Once you see the results, plan bigger gradually
  • Solution for a small retailer
  • Flexibility: It should allow you to choose only the functionalities you need and take advantage of the systems that already exist
  • Simplicity: Easy to implement and start using it, easy to use.


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